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Shaw R2X Carpet Stain and Soil Remover 32 oz.

Shaw R2X Carpet Stain and Soil Remover 32 oz.

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Category: Care / Maintenance
Manufacturer: Shaw


Shaw R2x Stain & Soil Remover Ready-To Use

Section I  Product Identification

Product ID:  S R2x

Last Revision Date: 01/01/00
Preparer:  R. Lasnik, Vice President                                                                             

Section II   Hazardous Ingredients

Contains No Listed Hazardous Ingredients.
HMIS Rating:   Health-1     Flammability-0    Reactivity-0    PPE-B

Section III  Physical Data

Boiling Point: >212 degrees F

Water Soluble: Soluble   

Specific Gravity:  1.00             
 Weight Per Gallon: 8.34 lbs.

Odor: Pleasant Fragrance

Appearance:  Clear Light Yellow Liquid

Section IV   Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

OSHA: Non-Combustible Liquid

Flash Point:  >212 0F

Extinguishing Media: Dry Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, Water Spray, and Foam

Special Fire Fighting Procedures:
Water fog nozzles may be used to cool fire-exposed containers.

Section V Health Hazard Data

Primary Route(s) of Entry:         Inhalation: Y     Ingestion: N      Skin: Y      Eyes: Y
Effects of Acute Overexposure:

Eye:  May cause stinging of eyes followed by irritation.

Skin:  Prolonged and repeated skin exposure may be irritating to some people.

Ingestion: Effects are unknown. Seek medical attention as needed.

Inhalation: Over exposure can cause nasal and respiratory irritation. .

First Aid Procedures:   

Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Skin

Contact: Flush skin with soap and water.

Eye Contact: Flush eyes at least 15 minutes with fresh water.

Ingestion:  Not a likely route of entry. Effects of ingestion are unknown.  Seek medical attention immediately.

S R2x Stain & Soil Remover RTU

Section VI   Reactivity Data

Instability:  Stable

Incompatible Materials: Avoid strong oxidizing agents.

Hazardous Decomposition Products: Thermal decomposition and burning may produce Oxides of Carbon.

Hazardous Polymerization: None will occur.

Section VII   Spill or Leak Procedures

Spill, Leak, or Release: Eliminate all ignition sources.  Contain spill and salvage as much material as possible.  Pick up the remaining with absorbent.

Waste Disposal: Dispose of only by methods approved by and used in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Section VIII   Special Protection Information

Respiratory:  None required with normal ventilation.

Protective Gloves: Use rubber or plastic gloves to prevent prolonged contact.

Eye: Use safety eye wear where splashing is likely.

Protective Clothing: None required.

Section IX   Special Precautions
Storage: Do not store above 1200F.  Keep container tightly closed to prevent leakage or evaporation.  Keep out of reach of children.

Section X   Regulatory Information

EPA Regulations: SARA Section 311/312 Hazards Categories: None

DOT Shipping Name: Not Regulated.

TSCA Inventory Status: Mixture


  • Shaw R2X Carpet Stain and Soil Remover will remove tough stains.
  • This product is safe to use on wool, carpets, rugs, furniture, and even some clothing.
  • Directions: After picking up any spills or loose particles, spray product on stain.  Wait about several minutes and blot to remove the stain.  Repeat action until spot is clean.  Make sure extra moisture is blotted after removal of stain.
  • Sold in a 32 oz. bottle.
  • Ships in 5 - 7 business days.