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Milliken Legato Carpet Tile System

Milliken Legato Carpet is the real thing. It’s the first do-it-yourself carpet to be offered by a major U.S. Manufacturer in years and it is beautiful.
  1. "Stick-n-Lift" - Carpet any hardwood floor and remove the carpet later without leaving a trace of residue. The backing is sticky like a "Post-It" note. You can install Legato Carpet Tiles on any smooth, level, and clean surface.
  2. Easy to Install. Installation is a breeze and you'll have a beautifully carpeted new floor in just a few short hours. Should you ever have a stain or damage, you can easily replace individual panels. No special tools or accessories are required.
    (View Milliken Legato Carpet Tile Installation Instructions Video Below)
  3. All carpet tiles are 19.7" x 19.7" size - so you can mix and match to make unique patterns.
  4. Integrated Floor Pad: The Legato carpet system features SpringStep II attached pad to ensure a soft feel underfoot. Because it's integrated into the panel, there's no need to buy a separate pad.
  5. Stain, mold and mildew resistant: With the exclusive MilliGuard finish and AlphaSan Odor technology, all of these carpet tiles are made to last for years under residential use and are protected from mold and mildew buildup.
  6. Lasting Beauty: Legato carpet tiles will give your room that rich look and warm feel of professionally installed wall-to-wall carpet - and it's a perfect solution for bedrooms, dens, family rooms - even living and dining rooms - all without nailing into to the existing floor.

View Milliken Legato Carpet Tile Installation Instructions