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Marazzi USA Tile
Visionary by design.

Marazzi USA Tile manufactures a vast array of products – porcelain tile, glazed ceramic tile, glass mosaics and natural stones. Marazzi USA Tile is one of the world’s leading providers of fine Italian tile for both floor and wall applications. With manufacturing plants and retail outlets in many countries, they are truly a worldwide presence in the tile industry.

Shop our Marazzi Tile Collections and discover some of the finest, highest quality tile available in the market today – you’ll be glad you did.

Marazzi Porcelain


As dramatic as the opera for which it's named, Aida brings a regal touch of intrigue, romance and drama to any setting. The majesty and allure of the ancients is recreated with an ambience for today in a rustic marble adaptation.

Feathery veining runs like an intricate sub-plot through multiple shadings while uncluttered edges offer opportunity for minimal grout lines that showcase the tile itself.

American Heritage

Vintage, revisited and revived for modern dwellings and public spaces – that’s the takeaway with American Heritage, Marazzi’s newest wood plank series in color body porcelain. The artisanal feel of hand-scraped, hand-oiled hardwood is authentically reproduced on a strong and durable porcelain body that withstands rigors – water, stains, freezing conditions – that are often the nemesis of real wood.


The authentic, ever-changing fissures and striations of natural travertine grace the surface; dimensional allure accentuated by chiseled edges and surface indentations as well as nearly-infinite pattern variability give walls and floors a sense of motion and life, subtly transforming in different lights and shadows.

The latest advances in digital print technology allows today’s installations to become future historic sites.

Artea Stone

Artea Stone takes inspiration from the natural stone walls of prehistoric caves - veined by the constant trickle of water, smoked by open fires, burnished by the contact of everyday life. Dramatic veining and a gentle puddling of colors reminiscent of travertine marble preserves heart connections to ancestral influences.

Muted, neutral tones equally bring serenity to a mono-chromatic decor or serve as a subtle background palette for bold, vivid counterpoints of paint, furniture and fixtures.


Exhibiting the true heart of a champion, Campione takes travertine-inspired tile to a whole new level. The smooth surface belies the three-dimensional impression of crater-like depressions and lava-like flow that bring a dramatic feeling of movement to this glazed porcelain series.


A strong, bold array of colors unite with dramatic, random patterning in Cimmaron. All the benefits of honed slate - impervious, hard, closed texture, quick drying, frost resistant, fine grained - come without any of the flaking, gauging or sealing downsides.

Dramatic variations occur in each of the four, striated, distressed, puddled colors, suggesting layer upon layer of intricate shading.


The beauty of Essentials’ sophisticated color array is not just skin-deep. Marvelously adaptive tone-on-tone shading catches the eye, but there’s much more beneath the surface.

I Porfidi Di Marazzi

Throw open the doors and transition this striking porcelain from interior to exterior floors and walls in either residential or commercial settings. Porphyry stone permeated with crystalline and metallic deposits inspired this dense, frost-resistant tile that is particularly well-suited for public areas such as atriums, courtyards, patios and walkways where slip resistance, strength and stain resistance are important.

Deep, rich color bands of grays, rusts, and greens recreate naturally layered ore deposits and add to its organic appeal.


Softened, burnished to a lustrous finish, Jade's four natural slate tones are muted, yet retain the effect of distinct clefts, mineral deposits, the sense of layered colors. The satiny gem-like surface is simple to clean, wonderful to walk on barefoot and ideal for both floor and wall applications.

Build on this rich stratum with diverse reflective trims of glass, metal or stone to customize any setting from rustic to sophisticated.

Riflessi Di Legno

Boldly rustic, boldly sized, boldly colored, Riflessi di Legno's distinctive wood graining in five authentic hardwood colors dramatically influences any environment.

The series is chameleon-like in that it is equally at ease in the casual, relaxed settings of a weekend retreat, as the sophisticated backdrop for a retail or hospitality venue, in trendy lofts with an urban chic bent.


Understated elegance with a sense of strength underlies Saturnia's soft, warm, gentle colors. Intricate niches and indentations look like they were randomly formed by the earth's internal forces. The thick body structure imparts a boldness, a massiveness while the mosaics lend a playful personal touch.


Art converges with geometry in clean, modern porcelain that suggests the large, open spaces of metropolitan architecture and the eclectic area of the Big Apple from which Soho takes its name.

Rectified, oversized, square and plank formats counterpoint the relatively simple, tone-on-tone nuanced colors of field tile with fanciful, three-dimensional decorative wall modules that transform the everyday into the extraordinary.


The sensuous color movement of Solaris sets it apart in the world of faux stone; the satiny surface has a wonderfully touchable feel. Tints and veining unique to each piece produce subtle ebbs and flows of color, gently changing with light and shadow.

A wide tonal range exists within each color grouping; one color segues into another and supports a broad range of decorative styles.

Stone Collection

Three muted, grayed, earthen tones with the sheen of worn stone slabs provide a neutral backdrop with clean, contemporary lines. Stone Collection's multiple large formats create subtle patterns on walls, floors and everything in between. Captivating mosaic shapes and interlinking listelli dramatically expand creative horizons.

Artful transformations from minimalistic to well-accessorized easily occur by simply mixing and matching these diverse elements to customize residential or commercial areas.

Super Saltillo

A strong porcelain body underlies the warm, soft, artisan feel of Super Saltillo. Rounded, slightly irregular top edges and a refined, flatter surface with only slight scratches, indentations and specs distinguish it from generic, porous saltillos that require repetitive sealing, stripping, sealing routines.

Bold, highly variegated colorations with a smooth, satin finish are equally at home on walls and floors in Country French, Mediterranean or Southwestern venues.


The richness of Tuscany's artistic and cultural forces culminates in Tosca, a robust natural Rapolano marble look captured in glazed porcelain for today.

A feeling of strength and warmth arises from four natural colors and surfaces that are slightly smoothed, yet still bearing a sense of straight-from-the-earth ruggedness with surface indentations, distressed edges and dramatic vein deposits.

Vesale Stone

Vesale Stone captures the look of refined slates found in the ancient hills of Italy and transports that simpler, organic building material to modern dwellings and public areas. Asynchronous glaze applications create dramatic pattern diversity.

Rich tonal ranges and dramatic streaks suggest the natural layers and clefting of natural slate while the surface remains flat and easy to clean. A final granular frit application enhances slip resistance and textural appeal.

Walnut Canyon

Combine the strength of color body porcelain with the natural beauty of native stone in all its randomly varied faces for today’s floors and walls. Gently puddled ranges of warm, soothing, matte colors wash across the subtle concavities and indentations that define the line.

Dramatic tonal ranges continually transform, depending on light and shadow present in the area. A leaf-filtered patio, a sunny family kitchen, a candle-lit restaurant . . . ever-changing, ever-fresh environments.

Marazzi Ceramic

Arctic Bay

Refreshing as a pine-scented breeze rugged as snow-capped mountains, Arctic Bay exemplifies the free-spirited outlook and independent attitude favored by modern homeowners, designers and contractors.

This robust ceramic stakes its claim with native earthen colors, boldly structured surfaces and distressed edges. Three versatile sizes and veined colors encourage creativity.

Imperial Slate

Imperial Slate's face expresses the features of slabs riven from the prehistoric earth - scratched, split, and robust with a rich fusion of organic colors and clefts. Resplendent, layered colorations vary significantly from piece to piece and readily complement other diverse design elements, either rustic or contemporary. The lustrous patina beautifully harmonizes with a profusion of trims, be they glass, stone or metal, while its interplay of colors constantly brings new movement to a room.


Classic Marbles – Rectified, Refined, Renewed... The polished surface of Perseo by Marazzi repositions traditional marbles to play a big role in modern settings. Each color in the collection corresponds to a particular type of genuine marble that has been centerpieced in magnificient buildings since ancient times.

Marazzi Glass

Crystal Stone

Separately, the bits of glass and stone might appear inconsequential, but Crystal Stone's remarkable pairings elevate them to miniature works of art. Nine gem-like shades are universally appealing.

The shimmer and shine of both clear and translucent glass combine with the velvety smoothness of tumbled marble to immediately attract attention. Like tiny jewels nestled amid a soft, matte background, reflective gleams add zing to any setting from traditional to contemporary.