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Kraus Carpet Tile

Kraus' Story

Since Michael Kraus founded Kraus Floors in 1959, the company has grown from 15 employees to over 900. This commitment to growth has allowed Kraus to consistently be in the top ten carpet mills in North America. In 1971, Kraus started to produce their own carpet fibers and was among the carpet mills to backward integrate into fiber production. Since then, their Strudon® olefin and Ultrel® nylon fibers have become known as high quality yarns.

The Green Story

Kraus has recycled their production waste for decades recycling more than a million pounds of waste fiber each year. With government restrictions on landfills increasing, Kraus has created an opportunity for all carpet consumers to recycle their used carpet, regardless of what material the carpet is made of. Post Consumer Carpet (PCC) can be recycled into many new products including new carpet, composite lumber, roofing shingles, stepping stones, and many other products. These products can last longer and avoids cutting down trees and using chemicals.

Kraus provides recycling services for any project where Kraus carpet is being removed or installed. Nearly all competitor carpets can be accepted into the program as well, however must be submitted for approval first. In the ZeroLandfill Recycling Program, material will be recycled or repurposed and will never be placed into a landfill.

Kraus EuroBac


EuroBac™ is a traditional carpet tile backing that is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. This high density, non-woven backing is flexible and easy to install. There is a minimum of 20% recycled content in EuroBac™ backing making it environmentally friendly.

Kraus Carpet Tile provides the comfort of traditional carpet with the ease of a tile format. Carpet Tiles generally consist of a wear layer made of the chosen carpet fiber attached to a secondary backing. Afterwards, the carpet is then evenly cut into tile squares. Kraus Carpet Tile is easy to install and features EuroBac™ backing. EuroBac™ is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

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