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USFloors Natural Cork Classic Series: T-Mold Lisbon Matte - 72" Long

USFloors Natural Cork Classic Series:  T-Mold Lisbon Matte - 72" Long

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Please note: USFloors Natural Cork moldings
are intended to coordinate with cork flooring.
The molding pieces are constructed from oak hardwood.
Category: Trim / Molding
Manufacturer: USFloors
USFloors Natural Cork Classic Series: T-Mold Lisbon Matte - 72" Long
  • Commonly used in doorways to join two cork floors in adjoining rooms. Also recommended when making a transition from a cork floor to another floor of the same height, such as ceramic tile.
  • T-Molding is also used to provide expansion joints when your cork floor will exceed 30 ft. in either direction
  • Oak stained to coordinate with USFloors Natural Cork Classic Series Lisbon Matte Cork Flooring
  • Sold in 72" lengths

Installing T-Mold For Your Cork Floor 

When installing T-Molding, always factor in adequate expansion space between the molding and the cork flooring.  There should be at least 1 1/8" gap between the two flooring surfaces.  Measure and cut your T-Molding to fit snugly in the door frame.  Position the T-Molding approximately where you want it between the cork flooring and the other flooring surface to ensure it fits properly BEFORE securing it.  Apply a thin line of adhesive on one side of the T-Molding.  Attach the molding to cork flooring and press down firmly to ensure a tight bond.  The molding should overlap the other type of flooring at least 1/4 inch.  Do NOT glue the molding to the flooring on the other side of the doorway as both floors may need room to expand and contract.  

Tip:  If installing T-Molding between cork and another type of flooring (such as ceramic tile) glue the molding to the other flooring type so your USFloors Natural Cork floor has room to expand and contract without affecting the position of the molding.

IMPORTANT:  Never glue the molding directly to the subfloor as the space between the top of the floor and the bottom of the molding is needed for expansion/contraction.