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Urine-off Odor/Stain Remover 16oz. bottle

Urine-off Odor/Stain Remover 16oz. bottle

Product ID: 0CLNURNOF0

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Category: Care / Maintenance
Manufacturer: Bio-Pro Research
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  • It’s never been easier to rid your household of urine odors and stains, once and for all, with this great new product!

  • Works great for both old urine stains as well as fresh urine spots

  • Removes urine stains and odors at the source, does not mask or perfume odors like other cleaning products or detergents

  • Combined with the hand-held Urine Finder, you will save time and money by applying Urine-off only where needed

  • Ground-breaking bio-enzymatic technology is what powers Urine-off, through a bio-remediation process

  • Removes uric acid by breaking down urine salt crystals that bond to your carpet fibers - no other product can do this