Trims & Moldings

To give your new floor a professionally finished look, you need the right trims and moldings. Here's how to figure out what you need: Walk around your room and notice all the places where your new floor will meet another floor. These are called flooring transitions. Most transitions occur at doorways, but there are other transitions that require stair-nosings, reducers, baseboards and quarter round.

In most cases, trims and moldings are made to match the flooring you've selected. To select the proper trims and moldings for your new floor, go to your product page and find the matching trims and moldings listed at the bottom.

Quarter RoundQuarter Round is used to conceal small irregularities in your floor. There are always some places where the floor dips slightly, causing a gap where the laminate floor meets the wall. Quarter round is installed by pressing it down against the floor and nailing or stapling it tightly to the wall or baseboard so it covers up these gaps. Quarter round always creates a smooth edge and a nice visual touch. It also makes your floor easier to clean.
ReducerReducer is used to create a little ramp that smoothes over the height difference between floors of different thicknesses.
Square NoseSquare Nose is used to create a smooth transition between a laminate floor and carpet or a sliding glass door.  Square nose pieces may also be referred to as a baby threshold or an endcap.
T-moldingT-molding is used to cover the gap between a laminate floor and a different floor of the same height.
Stair NoseStair Nose is used to finish the laminate flooring at edge of a step.
BaseboardBaseboard is used around the perimeter of the room to cover the bottom edge of the wall and to cover the expansion space left between the finished laminate floor and the wall. It is often used in combination with quarter round.


We hope these examples have shown you the different types of laminate flooring trim and moldings you may need. For best results, follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer of the laminate flooring you've selected, and purchase their matching moldings and trim.

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