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Wicanders Series 2000 Panel - Originals Collection Cork Flooring: Natural O201003

Wicanders Series 2000 Panel - Originals Collection Cork Flooring: Natural O201003

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SQ FT Carton(s)
Approved Subfloor: Wood or Concrete
Carton Coverage: 85.25 sq ft
Color Name: Originals Collection Natural
Description: Cork Flooring
Dimensions: 23 5/8" L x 11 7/8" W x 7/16" T
Finish Type: Xtreme WRT Wear Layer
Finish Warranty: 15-Year Residential Warranty
Installation Method: Click / Float
Length: 23.875
Locking: Corkloc
Manufacturer: Wicanders
Manufacturer SKU: O201003
Style Name: Series 2000 Panel Collection
Thickness: 7/16"
Where to Install: On, Above or Below Grade
Width: 12"
  • Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Wicanders Cork Flooring made of renewable raw material with very low VOC emission for healthier living.

  • Low and Easy Maintenance

The fully dirt-resistant Xtreme WRT Wear Layer of Wichanders floors make them easy to clean and maintain.

  • Comfortable Cork 

Cork's shock absorbing properties relieve strain on feet, joints, legs and back!

  • Corkloc Installation System

Floating floors with Corkloc locking system saves time and reduces installation expenses.


Wicanders Corkcomfort Floating WRT and Woodcomfort floating WRT are natural products and each individual plank has its own shade and pattern.
Therefore, shuffle the planks in order to obtain the most pleasant blend of shades.
Lay planks preferably following the direction of the main source of light.
We recommend to lay Wicanders floors on wooden floors crossways to the existing floorboard.

Padsaw or a fine toothed handsaw, spacer blocks, pencil, set square, 0,2mm PE film, adhesive tape.
1. Door Frames
If a door frame needs to be cut, use a piece of plank to obtain the correct height.
Saw door frames and architrave's to require height allowing for 2 mm of space to the planks.
Moisture Protection
Type of Subfloor
Moisture content CM% Heated
All types of concrete subfloors require insulation against moisture.
This includes types with built-in moisture barrier, ceramic, heated and covered with resilient floors.

Use a PE moisture barrier film with a minimum thickness of 0,2 mm (.008'').
On ground and basement subfloors we recommend to lay 2 layers crossways for better moisture protection.
2. Lay the PE film, allowing for at least 20 cm (8'''') overlapping and tape.
Turn the film upward 5-cm along the walls.
Trim after the skirting boards are fixed.
 Measure the room accurately, at right angle to the direction of the planks.
The planks in the final row should be at least 5 cm wide.
If necessary, the planks in the first row can be cut to smaller size.
3. Turn the tongue side of the plank facing the wall.
Maintain a gap of 10 mm on the short side.
Adjust the lengthwise gap from the wall once 3 rows of planks have been laid.
4. If you are installing Wood three strips, try not to match the strips of the tiles.
First Three Rows:
The planks can be laid from all directions if necessary. CorkLoc is easy to uninstall.
We recommend start laying in the right-hand corner.
5. Turn the tongue side of the plank facing the wall.
Maintain a gap of 10 mm on the short side.
Adjust the lengthwise gap from the wall once 3 rows of planks have been laid.
6. Hold the next plank against the first at an angle to the first one and lay it flat on the floor.
Complete the first row in the same way.
7. Cut the final plank of the first row to the correct length.
8. Start the next row with the piece left over (must be at least 300 mm long). Always ensure that the end joints are staggered at least 300 mm. lace the final plank face down and the short side without the locking strip towards the wall. The distance to the wall should be 10 mm.
9. Mark where the floorboard is to be cut.
Place the plank face down on the work surface and cut to size using a padsaw.
Use a fine toothed type if you are using a hand saw. In this case, cut the planks face up.
10. Use a cut piece of plank from the previous row to start the next row.
This must be at least 30 cm long. If the piece is to short, start with a new board, cut in half. Always ensure that the end joints are staggered at least 30 cm.
11. Place the first plank of the new row with the tongue side at an angle against the groove side of the plank in the previous row.
Press forward and lay it flat at the same time. .
12. Place the short end of the plank at an angle against the previous installed plank and fold down. Ensure that the board is positioned on the integral locking strip of the floorboard in the previous row.
13. Lift floorboard (together with the previous laid in the same row) lightly up (about 30 mm), push it against the row in front and then put it down.
14. Tip: This movement requires some gentle adjustments on the pressing angle. Adjust the distance to the wall to 10 mm when three rows are completed.
Proceed the installation as described above until reaching the opposite wall.
Uneven wall:
15. Sometimes the first row must be cut to match an uneven wall.
Transfer the shape of the wall to the planks. Do not forget to allow 10 mm for the expansion gap.
16. To remove the first row, lift the plank a few centimeters and tap along the joint.
Cut the planks as required.
Last Row:
17. Measure and cut the planks in the last row to size.
Allow for 10 mm distance to the wall.
No plank should be less than 5 cm width..
18. The last and first plank, can be cut in the correct with. Place the last plank on top the second to last plank.
Mark the plank to be with help of a piece of plank without locking strip.
Allow for 10mm distance to the wall for the expansion gap.
Heating Pipes:
Drill required holes in the planks
19. The holes should be 20mm greater than the pipe diameter.
Saw as shown in the picture.
Glue the sawed piece back into place. Cover the hole with a pipe sleeve.
20. If you wish to remove the flooring, just lift the planks a few centimeters and tap along the joint.
The planks can be laid from all directions if necessary. CorkLoc is easy to uninstall.
This makes easier to plan the installation e.g. around doors.
22. If you cannot angle the tile under e.g. a doorframe or low fitted radiator, you can do as the picture shows: cut away the locking edge..
23. Glue (PVA Glue, class D3). Install the plank.
Wicanders Warranty
Effective as of September 2008
We take pride in designing each of our products with the goal of providing the best flooring for your needs. In addition, we use the highest quality components and quality control techniques to ensure the reliability and long life of our products.
Amorium Revestimentos, the manufacturer of Wicanders product lines, warrant that each of its flooring products meets quality standards. The applicable standards are as follows;
  • Corkcomfort Floating WRT & Woodcomfort Floating WRT: EN 12104 and EN 14085.
  • Corkcomfort Glue-down WRT/PU/Sanded: EN 12104.
  • Corkcomfort Glue-down HPS & Woodcomfort Flue-down HPS: EN 655.
  • Corkcomfort Floating HPS & Woodcomfort Floating HPS: EN 655 and EN 14085.
  • Linocomfort Floating HPS: EN 549 and EN 14085.
  • Vinylcomfort Floating: EN 652 and EN 14085.
IMPORTANT: The Wicanders Warranty is valid if the Wicanders Installation and Maintenance instructions that are in the flooring packaging, in the auxiliary products (adhesives, maintenance & cleaning products, etc) packaging and in the website www.wicanders.com are respected. In case of any doubts contact us at: marketing.ar@amorim.com.
We warrant, that our flooring products, when supplies as new and through approved outlets, shall be free of defects and that the Surface Wear Layer will not wear through within the periods, after invoice date, indicated in the table below. The term "wear through" is defined as the 100% reductions of the Surface Wear Layer over an area comprising 5% of the total Surface Flooring installed.

(a)    On-site finishing with 1-2 coats of a recommended varnish is required. For areas class 31, EN 685 use only W-2000 or another suitable varnish for these areas (ask your Wicanders approved dealer for recommendation table).

(b)   On-site finishing with 3 coats of a recommended varnish is required. For areas class 31, EN 685 use only W-2000 or another suitable varnish for the these area (ask your Wicanders approved dealer for a recommendation table).
If in the unlikely event that our products do not perform according to the applicable
warranty, we will, at our option, repair, refinish or replace such portion, with the same
product or another product of equal value (at our selection), or refund the purchased price
paid – if replacement or repair is not practical or cannot be made on a timely basis.
A) During the first five (5) years of this warranty we assume liability of removal of defective
products and installation of replacement products, AT NO COST TO YOU. After this
period, (when applicable), we shall only provide the flooring products for replacement,
according to the lifetime usage table below.
B)     The value of each m2 of replacing flooring is:
This warranty applies only to flooring products sold as "first quality". No installer, dealer,
agent or employee has the authority to alter the obligations or limitations of this Warranty.
            THIS WARRANTY: 1) is valid from the date of purchase, 2) applies only to flooring
            products in their original installation location, 3) is extended only to the first end user / 
            purchaser, whose name is written in the invoice, 4) is not transferable and 5) shall expire if the product or installation location is transferred or re-sold.
          This Warranty shall not apply in any of the following cases:
  1. Installation not made according to procedures and not using the approved auxiliary products, as provided in Wicanders Installation and Maintenance instructions.
  2. Improper subfloor patch, underlayments, or subfloors. Please consult Wicanders Installation and Maintenance instructions.
  3. Inadequate product choice for the flooring use conditions. Please consult Wicanders Installation and Maintenance instructions.
  4. Improper maintenance and use of unapproved auxiliary products. Please consult Wicanders Installation and Maintenance instructions.
  5. Unapproved modifications or repair not specifically recommended in the Wicanders Installation and Maintenance instructions and not specifically authorized by the manufacturer.
  6. Extreme environmental conditions, meaning exposure to extreme hear, moisture or dryness (more than 65%, less than 35% R.H)
  7. Accidents, abuse, misuse, force majeure, damage from heavy furniture or equipment used without sufficient protection, impact damage, scars from sharp or pointed objects, cuts, tears, scuffs, scratches, misuse, negligence, burns, water, erosion, spiked heel shoes, pet claws, pebbles, sand or other abrasives.
  8. Detectable defects verifiable prior to installation.
  9. Difference in shade or color. Our flooring products are based on natural materials. We do not warrant any difference in shade or color between samples/photographs and the actual flooring. 1) from batch to batch, 2) due to exposure to sunlight, 3) resulting from replacement of a portion of your floor, 4) resulting from the different age and history of the same product reference/batch.    
No other warranty, express or implied, is made. Under this warranty, we assume no liability for damages arising from the purchase, use or inability to use this product, or from any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. By this, we mean any loss, expense or damage other than to the flooring itself that may result from a defect in the flooring, incurred or suffered by or occasioned to the end user / purchaser of a defective product, or to any third party. This warranty gives you specific rights but does not affect any legal rights of any end user / purchaser, and you may also have other rights, which way from Country to Country or State to State. Some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

In the unlikely case that you detect a problem with your flooring product, please take the following steps.


  1. Provide your supplier with written notice of the problem, proof of purchase date, type and grade of the defective products and amount of flooring involved. Please document your communication and keep the information on file until your problem is resolved.
  2. If you are not satisfied with your supplier recommendation, an authorized representative must inspect and verify the defect. We reserve the right to designate a representative to inspect the floor and remove samples for analysis. If such defect is verified, and confirmed by an authorized representative, we will proceed as described in point 2.
  3. If your supplier is unable to solve the problem, contact our head office.