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You are here: Shaw R2X Area Rug Spot Remover 22 oz.

Shaw R2X Area Rug Spot Remover 22 oz.

Shaw R2X Area Rug Spot Remover 22 oz.

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Category: Care / Maintenance
Manufacturer: Shaw


Shaw R2x Area Rug Spotter Ready-To-Use

Section I  Product Identification

Product ID:  S R2x

Last Revision Date: 01/01/00

Preparer:  R. Lasnik, Vice President                                                                             

Section II   Hazardous Ingredients

Contains No Listed Hazardous Ingredients.
HMIS Rating:   Health-1     Flammability-0    Reactivity-0    PPE-B

Section III  Physical Data

Boiling Point: >212 0F

Water Solubility: Soluble   

Specific Gravity:  1.00             
Weight Per Gallon: 8.34 lbs.

Odor: Pleasant Fragrance

Appearance:  Clear Light Yellow Liquid

Section IV   Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

OSHA: Non-Combustible Liquid

Flash Point:  >212 0F

Extinguishing Media: Dry Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, Water Spray, and Foam

Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Water fog nozzles may be used to cool fire-exposed containers.

Section V Health Hazard Data

Primary Route(s) of Entry:         Inhalation: Y     Ingestion: N      Skin: Y      Eyes: Y
Effects of Acute Overexposure:

Eye:  May cause stinging of eyes followed by irritation.

Skin:  Prolonged and repeated skin exposure may be irritating to some people.

Ingestion: Effects are unknown. Seek medical attention as needed.

Inhalation: Over exposure can cause nasal and respiratory irritation.

Carcinogenicity Information: IARC, NTP, OSHA or ACGIH lists none of the components present in this material as a carcinogen.

First Aid Procedures:    Inhalation: Remove to fresh air.

Skin Contact: Flush skin with soap and water.

Eye Contact: Flush eyes at least 15 minutes with fresh water.

Ingestion:  Not a likely route of entry. Effects of ingestion are unknown.  Seek medical attention immediately.

S R2x Stain & Soil Remover RTU

Section VI   Reactivity Data

Instability:  Stable

Incompatible Materials: Avoid strong oxidizing agents.

Hazardous Decomposition Products: Thermal decomposition and burning may produce Oxides of Carbon.

Hazardous Polymerization: None will occur.

Section VII   Spill or Leak Procedures

Spill, Leak, or Release: Eliminate all ignition sources.  Contain spill and salvage as much material as possible.  Pick up the remaining with absorbent.

Waste Disposal: Dispose of only by methods approved by and used in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Section VIII   Special Protection Information

Respiratory:  None required with normal ventilation.

Protective Gloves: Use rubber or plastic gloves to prevent prolonged contact.

Eye: Use safety eye wear where splashing is likely.

Protective Clothing: None required.

Section IX   Special Precautions
Storage: Do not store above 1200F.  Keep container tightly closed to prevent leakage or evaporation.  Keep out of reach of children.

Section X   Regulatory Information

EPA Regulations: SARA Section 311/312 Hazards Categories: None

DOT Shipping Name: Not Regulated.

TSCA Inventory Status: Mixture


  • Shaw R2X penetrates deep into fibers to get rid of tough stains.
  • Will protect against future stains!
  • It is safe to use on all types of area rugs.
  • This product is also effective to use on automobile upholstery, clothing, and furniture. 
  • No rinsing required with this product.
  • Sold in a 22 oz. bottle.
  • Ships in 5 - 7 business days.