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Mohawk Bellingham: Burnished Oak Plank - 8mm Laminate CDL12 32

Mohawk Bellingham: Burnished Oak Plank - 8mm Laminate CDL12 32

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Approved Subfloor: Wood or Concrete
Carton Coverage: 17.17 sq ft
Color Group: Dark Brown
Color Name: Burnished Oak Plank
Colors: Auburn,Brown,Cypress
Description: 8 mm Laminate
Dimensions: 47.25" L x 7.50" W x 0.32" T
Finish Type: CrystalShield Finish
Finish Warranty: 20 years
Installation Method: Float
Locking: Instaclic
Manufacturer: Mohawk
Manufacturer SKU: CDL12 32
Planks Per Carton: 7
Style Name: Bellingham
Thickness: 8mm
Visual: Wood
Where to Install: On, Above or Below Grade
  • Beautiful Decorator Patterns 


Mohawk Laminate Flooring is designed to enhance the beauty, warmth and style of your home with a wide variety of beautiful styling, textures and colors to choose from
  • Installs Anywhere in the Home with Instaclic
Mohawk Laminate Flooring can be installed almost anywhere in the home, including over dry concrete slabs, wood sub floors, as well as many types of existing floors
  • Extremely Tough
CrystalShield™ Finish is a rugged performer.  Abrasion and indentation-resistant; high heels, cigarettes and household chemicals are no problem for Mohawk's CrystalShield™ finish
  • Easy To Clean
CrystalShield™ Finish is easy to clean and never needs waxing. Wipe away dirt with a moist cloth; for tough stains use Acetone™ (nail polish remover)
  • Scratch & Scuff Resistant
Mohawk Laminate Flooring is more resistant to scratching and scuffing than most other types of hard surface floors
  • Fade Resistant
Mohawk's decorator layer won't fade or change color from ultra violet sunlight
  • Moisture Resistant
Mohawk's Moistureblock backing seals the bottom of each plank for additional stability and moisture resistance
  • Warranty 
Lifetime structural for residential use, 20 year surface wear and tear
Mohawk Laminate Installation
Mohawk Laminate with InstaCLIC Joint
Mohawk laminate with InstaCLIC joint is installed as a floating floor, the tongue and groove are mechanically locked together. Mohawk laminate must be installed as a floating floor, it cannot be glued, nailed or stapled to the subfloor in any way. You'll need to maintain a 3/8" expansion gap throughout the complete perimeter of the room in which you are installing the product. You can install Mohawk laminate over most dry, stable subfloors, but never install it over carpet, as carpet does not offer the support required for a floating floor system. Under no circumstances may panels be glued, nailed, or otherwise fixed (e.g. door stopper) to the subfloor.
Required Tools
You will need the following tools in order to install Mohawk laminate floors:
  • A 6 mil. polyethylene film moisture barrier (for use on concrete subfloors that require a complete moisture barrier)
  • Mohawk's Professional Choice Installation Kit, which includes pull bar, tapping block and spacers
  • Fine-tooth handsaw or power saw/table saw
  • Hammer (min. 16 oz.)
  • Pencil, tape measure, utility knife, cotton cloth and straight edge
  • Safety glasses
  • Molding and transitions
Please make a point of using only Mohawk Professional Choice accessories, as these are designed specially for working with Mohawk Laminate Flooring. Once you open a package, use its contents without delay.
Pre-Installation Precautions
The ideal indoor climate for Mohawk laminate with InstaCLIC joint is 72° - 79°F with 50% - 60% relative humidity. Extreme fluctuations in the indoor climate may cause slight deformation of the panels and the formation of minor joints in the floor.
Sub-Floor Inspection
Before beginning the installation, determine that the subfloor is level, according to the following specifications. The subfloor must be level within 3/16" over a 10' radius. If the subfloor is above the 3/16" mark, it must be leveled to the acceptable 3/16" measurement before beginning your installation. The subfloor must be absolutely flat, dry, clean and firm (carpet must be removed). Differences in floor flatness of more than 3/16" must either be sanded down or filled with Portland based filling compound.
Organic (Wood) Subfloors
If you are installing Mohawk laminate with InstaCLIC joint over an organic (wood) floor, do not use polyethylene film.
Concrete Subfloors
If you are installing Mohawk laminate with InstaCLIC joint over a concrete subfloor or concrete substrate, always use a 6 mil. polyethylene film or Mohawk Silent Guard underlayment. If the installed floor is located over radiant heat, check that the subfloor surface does not exceed 84° F.
Large Rooms
Use room transitions if the installed area is greater than 32 feet (long) X 25 feet (wide). Transitions enable the floating floor to expand and contract to compensate for changes in seasons, low humidity in the winter and high humidity in the summer. Expansion joints (at least 3/4" in width) must be fitted between adjoining rooms and also in rooms measuring more than 32 feet in the direction of the panel length and more than 25 feet in the direction of the panel width.
Doorway transitions must be used if a doorway is 4 feet wide or less. Doorways over 4 feet do not require a transition if the 3/8" expansion requirement is maintained. Door jambs must be properly undercut to allow the laminate to freely expand and contract. Please comply exactly with the installation instructions that follow. Mohawk will not accept complaints in cases of faulty installation.
Pre-Installation Product Acclimation
For a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation, acclimate the Mohawk laminate to the environment (i.e., the rooms in which it will be installed). The room temperature should be between 55° - 85° F, with a 35% - 90% relative humidity. Follow these steps in acclimating Mohawk laminate:
  • Do not open the cartons
  • Stack the cartons towards the center of the room (not an outside wall)
  • Stack no more than five (5) cartons high
  • Keep stacked cartons at least 6 inches apart
Moisture Test
Always test the subfloor for moisture prior to beginning your installation. If the subfloor's vapor emission is less than 5 lbs./24 hours/1000 sq. ft. (using a calcium chloride test), the 6 mil. polyethylene will suffice. If the vapor emission is greater than 5 lbs./24 hours/1000 sq. ft., the concrete floor must be sealed before beginning the installation. If using a Tramex concrete moisture encounter meter, the reading must be no higher than 5.
Installation Layout
In general, plan to install planks toward the room's light source (windows). Always install planks lengthwise in a hallway.
Where to Install:
  • All rooms of your home
  • All grade levels
  • Install over flat, well-bonded vinyl floors; over concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo and marble; over board type underlayment, never install over carpet.
    • Bathroom Installations:
      • Acrylic/latex caulk must be used around the entire perimeter and 1/8" bead of laminate glue on the top of tongue of each plank.
Subfloor Preparation:
  • Subfloor must be clean, dry and flat
  • Door trims and door jambs must be undercut to allow the floor to move freely
Install Mohawk Underlayment
6 mil. polyethylene film should be used with Mohawk underlayment when installing over concrete subfloor. Do not overlap underlayment.
Install First Rows:
  • Inspect each piece prior to installation for damaged boards.
  • Always pull from at least three (3) cartons while installing to minimize pattern repeats.
  • Lay first row of boards with tongue side facing the wall.
  • If the starting wall is crooked, trace the contour of the wall on the first row of planks and trim as needed, ensure that the tongue is removed.
  • Put spacers around the entire perimeter of the room to maintain 3/8" expansion zone.
  • Lay pieces from left to right. Lock the end joints by installing at an angle to the previous board or laying flat tapping gently with a tapping block.
  • When measuring the last piece in the row, subtract 3/8" from the end of the board to maintain expansion zone.
  • Cut decorative side face up if using handsaw or decorative side down if using power saw to minimize chipping.
  • If the cut-off piece from the first row is 8" or longer, use it to start the second row. If it is less than 8", cut a full board in half and use that.
Installing Remaining Rows:
  • Continue laying boards, one row at a time
  • Install the long end of the first board in the second row at an angle to the board in the first row.
  • Angle the end joint of the second board in the second row to lock into the first board. Position the board so that the long side of the board is close to the boards in the first row and overlapping the groove of the boards in the first row.
  • Angle up and push forward until the boards lock together.
  • Follow the order described above to continue laying the boards in the second row. After all boards in the row are installed, press or walk all boards flat to the subfloor to begin the next row.
  • Use a pull bar if needed to tighten joints.
Install Moldings and Transition Strips:
  • Remove spacers and install finish moldings.
  • Attach molding and transition strips with nails, construction adhesive or silicon.
  • Never fasten transition pieces or moldings to the laminate flooring and always maintain 1/4" expansion space for transitions and 3/8" for moldings (quarter round).
  • Use T-Molds in all doorways four (4) feet wide or smaller and where room is larger than 32 feet board length and 25 feet board width.
Installing Under Door Casings:
  • Cut off protruding locking groove side along the plank
  • Apply 1/8" bead of Mohawk laminate glue to the bottom of the groove (long and short ends)
  • Use masking tape every few inches on joints to hold planks securely in place until glue sets up and dries (1/2 hours time for set up). Remove dried glue with plastic scraper.

Follow Mohawk installation instructions; see Mohawk Product Manual for more detailed instructions. If questions please call Mohawk Technical Services 888-387-9881 prompt 3.

?© 2003, Mohawk Industries, Inc.
Mohawk Hardwood Flooring is a trademark of Mohawk Industries. All Rights Reserved.
Effective as of April 10, 2007


Lifetime Structural Warranty

MOHAWK Industries offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty for residential use on MOHAWK LAMINATE FLOORING?® to the original purchaser, for as long as you own your home. This warranty covers all MOHAWK laminate flooring properly installed in approved product applications as recommended by MOHAWK Industries.

MOHAWK Industries warrants MOHAWK LAMINATE FLOORING?® in its original manufactured state to be defect-free with regard to lamination, assembly, and milling.

Performance Warranty

MOHAWK Industries warrants MOHAWK LAMINATE FLOORING?® in its original manufactured state to the original purchaser from the date of purchase; that the surface will not wear-through, fade, or stain under normal residential use.

MoistureBlock Warranty

MOHAWK Industries warrants MOHAWK LAMINATE FLOORING?® in its original manufactured state to the original purchaser from the date of purchase; under normal residential use, that the surface, when properly installed, shall be resistant to damage from moisture resulting in discoloration or structural decomposition. See product sample or consult your Mohawk representative for duration of warranty for specific products.


Except for the foregoing comprehensive warranty Mohawk disclaims all other warranties and guarantees whether expressed or implied, including any implied representation or warranty as to merchantability or fitness for any purpose and any other implied representation or warranty whatsoever.

For light and medium commercial applications, the above structural and performance warranties for eligible MOHAWK LAMINATE FLOORING product shall be limited to a term of 5 years from the date of purchase. See product sample or consult your Mohawk representative for eligible products.


Once the defect is detected, a claim must be filed within 30 days of the appearance of the defect with the retailer where the floor was purchased.


✓ Use any non-abrasive, soap-free cleaner on a regular basis. (NEVER USE: Abrasive pads and cleaners, including nylon scouring pads, steel wool, Comet ™, Soft Scrub™, etc. which may damage the finish.)
✓ Footprints and dirt easily wipe away with a moist cloth. Just wring cloth well before use.
✓ It is recommended to remove any wet spills immediately to avoid liquid penetration
into the seams.
✓ Use felt protectors or approved nylon pads under furniture and replace all hard plastic
or metal rollers on furniture with soft rubber rollers.
✓ Use caution when moving large appliances such as refrigerator, ranges, etc.
✓ Use protective mats at exterior entrances and in heavy traffic areas.
✓ Don?€?t use ?€?mop-and-shine?€? products. They?€?ll leave a dull film. Never wax or polish your floor..

MOHAWK warrants that if any portion of your floor should fail with respect to any provision of the above warranties, MOHAWK, at its sole option, to the original purchaser, will repair or replace the floor on a pro rata basis. If the flooring was originally professionally installed, MOHAWK will include reasonable labor costs. The warranty does not cover scratches or damages caused by negligence, Acts of God, accidents, abuse, misuse, exposure to extreme heat, use of improper adhesive, insects, failure to follow proper MOHAWK LAMINATE FLOORING?® laminate flooring installation instructions, improper maintenance, or improper alterations or modifications to the original manufactured floor. MOHAWK assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages, however some states do not allow the exclusion of consequential damages so the above limitation may not apply to you