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Milliken Legato Embrace: Role Call 19.7" x 19.7" Carpet Tile 911

Milliken Legato Embrace: Role Call 19.7" x 19.7" Carpet Tile 911

Product ID: 62316

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$3.29SQ FT
Carton Price: $106.27
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SQ FT Carton(s)
Abrasive Wear Warranty: 10 Years
Anti-Static Warranty: Lifetime
Approved Subfloor: Concrete, Vinyl, Hardwood, Laminate, Plywood
Carton Coverage: 32.3 Sq. Ft.
Collection Name: Legato
Dimensions: 19.7" x 19.7"
Fiber Content: 100% Nylon 6.6 / Milliken Certified Wear-On Nylon
Installation Method: Self Stick
Manufacturer: Milliken
Manufacturer Defect Warranty: 2 Years
Manufacturer SKU: 911
Panels Per Carton: 12 Pieces
Protective Finish: MillGuard
Stain Resistance Warranty: 5 Years
Style Name: Embrace
Traffic: Residential
Where to Install: On, Above or Below Grade
Yards Per Carton: 3.58 Sq. Yds.

  • "Stick-n-Lift"

"Post-It" note like backing.  Install carpet now and remove later without leaving a trace of residue.

  • Easy to Install

No special tools required!  Installations is a breeze and you'll have a beautifully carpeted new floor in just a few short hours.

  • Easy to Replace

Should you ever have a stain or damage, you can easily replace individual panels.

  • Integrated Floor Pad

SpringStep II attached padding to ensure a soft feel underfoot.

  • Stain, Mold and Mildew Resistant

Treated with exclusive MilliGuard and AlphaSan Odor technology.


Legato ® 
Design-it-Yourself  Carpet Tile System 
Tools Recommended:                                       For best results, allow Legato® Carpet Tiles to
Legato® Carpet Tiles                                              acclimate to the room overnight.  Legato® Carpet Tiles
24" straight-edge                                                    require no wait time after installation.  Furniture can
Felt-tip marker                                                         be moved in immediately.  Legato also allows the
Utility knife or scissors                                           option of installing half your room at a time.  Simply
Tape measure                                                         move your furniture to one side.
Chalk line (optional)
Step 1:  Floor Preparation                                 Step 5:  Place Tiles                                
Legato® Carpet Tiles can be installed                    Place full carpet tiles along chalk lines
directly over concrete, vinyl, hardwood,               running from center wall to center wall.
laminate, plywood or any flooring                          Make sure tiles fit snugly.  Place all full
that is solid, dry, level and dust free.                     tiles to fill the space.
Remove old carpeting and furniture
from project space.                                                Step 6:  Cut Tiles For Fitted Spaces   
                                                                                Place a tile face down under the last
Step 2:  Locate The Center                                whole tile in the row as you lay it snugly
Pull a chalk line from one room corner                    against wall.  With felt-tip marker, mark
to the diagonal corner.  Snap the line.                    back of tile where previous tile ends.
Repeat with other two corners to                          Using straightedge, cut tile with utility
mark the center at the intersection.                        knife or scissors.  Cut carpet once.
                                                                                Place cut tile on floor and repeat around
Step 3: Complete The Grid                                 wall edges.
Snap a chalk line between two
opposite walls.  Repeat with                                   Around irregular shapes or in corners,
remaining two walls to form four                            use cardboard or stiff paper to make a
lines on the floor with a clearly                               template of the cut.  Transfer template 
marked center.                                                         to carpet for cutting.
Step 4:  Follow Arrows                                      Carpet Care and Maintenance:           
Use arrows on tile back to make                            Vacuum or sweep carpet tiles as
sure tile nap and pattern are turned                       needed.  Blot (don't rub) liquid spills
in same direction (monolithic). As an                     with clean, dry, absorbent cloth,
option, you may alternate the  arrow                     continually folding cloth to blot with
direction for a quarter-turn effect.                         a dry area.  Use Capture Dry® Carpet
                                                                               Cleaner to remove stains.  For best
Tile products show some seams.                 results, follow label instructions.
To reduce this appearance, avoid                         Store extra Legato® Carpet tiles to
trapped yarn ends when placing tile.                    replace stained or damaged tiles.
Run a butter knife between placed                       Note:  Milliken does not recommend
tiles to pull up remaining trapped fibers.                a cleaning system containing
                                                                              mineral-based solvents.

Warranty Info
Legato™ Carpet System Warranty
Proper installation plays a key role in the performance of Legato Carpet System. Installation defects are not covered by our warranty and are the responsibility of the installer. Legato carpet should be installed according to the Legato Installation Instructions. If the instructions are followed, Milliken & Company guarantees the following warranties:
10 Year Limited Abrasive Wear Guarantee
Milliken & Company guarantees that your new carpet will not wear more than 10 percent by abrasion within 10 years of installation. That does not include damage caused by improper installation, pets, cuts, pilling, shedding, matting, crushing, burns, and improper maintenance or cleaning methods.
10 Year
Scotchgard ™ Soil and Stain Warranty
Milliken warrants for a full 10 years after installation, that the surface pile of Legato carpet, treated with Scotchgard will resist stains. Milliken will repair, or replace, if repair cannot be made, any area of the carpet that does not perform as warranted. While this carpet provides advanced resistance to stains, no carpet is stain proof. Stains by urine and feces, drain cleaners, plant food, acne medication, bleaches, vomit, food with strongly colored material and dispensed dyes are excluded from this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable from the original purchaser and only to carpet used for residential, indoor purposes at owner occupied locations.
10-Year Limited Manufacturing Defects Warranty
Milliken & Company warrants that your Milliken residential carpet will be free from manufacturing defects upon original installation. Prompt recording of claims for defects upon original installation is required. Milliken also extends a 10 Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects from the carpets original installation. Milliken will repair or replace your defective carpet according to the schedule below with a product of the same quality and/or color or a product of comparable quality if the original product is not available. Such conditions as pulled loops, snags, shedding, pilling, fuzzing, matting and/or crushing are not considered manufacturing defects. Proper maintenance of your carpet will minimize or eliminate the preceding conditions.
10 Year No Mat and No Crush Warranty (Texture Retention)
Milliken & Company guarantees that your carpet will not mat or crush from foot traffic as a result of the yarn tuft unraveling or losing twist provided your carpet is properly maintained.
5 Year Delamination of Backing Warranty
Milliken warrants the secondary backing of Legato carpet will not delaminate within five years after installation, provided it is installed and maintained in accordance with current and published Milliken procedures.
In order to obtain service under this warranty, please contact the store where you purchased the carpet and describe the problem as fully as possible. If you are unable to contact the store, or do not receive satisfaction, write to us at:
Milliken Carpet & Rugs
P.O. Box 2956
LaGrange, GA 30241
or call toll free 1-866-2-LEGATO