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Mannington Adura LocNGo Distinctive Collection Luxury Vinyl Plank Vintage Oak Natural Honey AP011L
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Mannington Adura LocNGo Distinctive Collection Luxury Vinyl Plank Vintage Oak Natural Honey AP011L

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Approved Subfloor: Wood, Concrete, Vinyl, Linoleum, Ceramic
Carton Coverage: 20 sq ft
Color Group: Beige/Tan
Color Name: Vintage Oak Natural Honey
Colors: Mustard,Seaside,Peppercorn
Description: Luxury Resilient Plank
Dimensions: 48" L x 5" W x 0.16" T
Edge Profile: Beveled Edges and Ends
Finish Type: Low Gloss Scratch Resistant
Finish Warranty: 20 Years
Installation: Glueless Click
Installation Method: Float
Length: 48
Locking: Floating Lock-Connect
Manufacturer: Mannington
Manufacturer SKU: AP011L
Size: 5x48
Style Name: Adura LocNGo Distinctive Collection Luxury Plank
Thickness: 0.16
Visual: Wood
Where to Install: On, Above or Below Grade
Width: 5
  • Floating, LocNGo Planks
Simply connect each plank to the next!  Installs easily over most subfloors and requires no messy adhesives or separate underlayment.
  • Authentic Hardwood Visuals
The award winning patterns found on Adura flooring feature the natural characteristics of hardwood graining and color variations.
  • ScratchResist Protection
Improves resistance to everyday wear and tear.  Adura planks are incredibly tough, easy to maintain and waterproof.
Installation Recommendations
General Information
These installation specifications are for LOCnGO Luxury Plank flooring. All recommendations are based on the most recent information available. The information on this sheet provides general guidelines. For complete details, consult Mannington's Professional Installation Handbook. All instructions and recommendations must be followed for a satisfactory installation.
1. The floor covering should be stored and installed in climate-controlled, indoor locations between 65° - 85° F.
2. Install LOCnGo Luxury Plank Flooring only after the jobsite has been cleaned and cleared of other trade apparatus that may damage a finished tile installation.
3. To minimize the shade variation, mix and install planks from several different cartons.
4. All subfloor/underlayment patching must be done with non-shrinking, water-resistant Portland cement patching compound such as Mannington MVP-2023.
Subfloor Information
Although the Mannington LOCnGO Luxury Plank Flooring is installed as a "floating" floor, correct preparation of the subfloor is still a major part of a successful installation. Roughness or unevenness of the subfloor may telegraph through the new floor covering, resulting in an unsightly surface and excessive wear on high spots.
Some types of nails, such as common steel nails, cement coated or some resin or rosin coated nails, may cause a discoloration of the vinyl floor covering. Use only non-staining fasteners with underlayment panels. The procedure of gluing and screwing underlayment panels is not recommended. Solvent-based construction adhesives are known to stain vinyl floor coverings. All responsibility for discoloration problems caused by fastener staining or the use of construction adhesive rests with the underlayment installer.
Wood Subfloors
All wood floors must be suspended at least 18" above the ground. Adequate cross-ventilation must be provided, and the ground surface of a crawl space must be covered with a suitable vapor barrier. Wood subfloors directly on concrete or installed over sleeper construction are not satisfactory for the installation of Mannington LOCnGO flooring products.
All wood and wood composition panels are suitable for use under LOCnGO flooring providing that they are smooth, flat, structurally sound and free of deflection. This includes plywood, particleboard, oriented strand board (OSB), flakeboard and waferboard.
If the surface of the wood subfloor is not smooth, a 1/4" underlayment panel should be installed over the subfloor.
Concrete Subfloors
1. Concrete subfloors must be dry, smooth and free from dust, solvent, paint, wax, grease, oil, asphalt sealing compounds and other extraneous materials. The surface must be hard and dense, and free from powder or flaking.
2. New concrete slabs must be thoroughly dry (at least six weeks) and completely cured. Curing agents, surface hardeners and other additives may cause adhesive bonding failure. These should be removed by sanding or grinding.
3. All concrete slabs must be checked for moisture before installing material. Details for moisture testing can be found in the Mannington Professional Installation Guide. The final responsibility for determining if the concrete is dry enough for installation of the flooring lies with the floor covering installer. Although LOCnGO is not susceptible to damage from moisture, excessive subfloor moisture is an ideal breeding ground for mold, mildew and fungus. All of which can contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment.
4. Holes, grooves, expansion joints and other depressions must be filled with Mannington MVP-2023 Latex Underlayment (or equivalent), and troweled smooth and feathered even with the surrounding surface.
5. Concrete floors with a radiant heating system are satisfactory, provided the temperature of the floor does not exceed 90° F at any point. Before installing the flooring, the heating system should be turned on to eliminate residual moisture.
Recommended Work Practices for Removal of Resilient Floor Coverings
WARNING: Do not sand, dry scrape, beadblast or mechanically chip or pulverize existing resilient flooring, backing, lining felt, asphaltic "cutback" adhesive or other adhesive. These products may contain asbestos fibers and/or crystalline silica. Avoid creating dust. Inhalation of such dust is a cancer and respiratory tract hazard. Smoking by individuals exposed to asbestos fibers greatly increases the risk of serious bodily harm. Unless positively certain that the product is a non-asbestos-containing material, you must presume it contains asbestos content. RFCI's Recommended Work Practices for Removal of Resilient Floor Coverings are a defined set of instructions addressed to the task of removing all resilient floor covering structures.
Existing Floor Coverings
LOCnGO can also be installed over most existing hard-surface floor coverings provided that the existing floor surface can be made smooth.
1. Ceramic tile should be made smooth by applying a cementious overlay such as patching or leveling compound.
2. When the removal of the existing resilient floor covering is not an option, the existing flooring must be covered with MANNINGTON MVP-2023 used as an embossing leveler or equivalent. Existing sheet vinyl floors should not be heavily cushioned and consist of one layer only.
Plank Layout
LOCnGO is designed to be installed as a "floating" floor. Do not secure the planks to the subfloor. Always undercut all door jambs. Do not install cabinets or kitchen islands on top of LOCnGO. Use care when installing wall moldings and transition strips to not fasten through the LOCnGO planks.
1. It is important to balance the layout of the plank format. Proper planning and layout will prevent narrow plank widths at wall junctures. Determine layout to prevent having less than 1/2" plank width or very short length pieces.
2. As with all plank products, lay the long dimension of the plank parallel to the long dimension of the work area.
3. Accurately measure the room to determine the centerline, adjust this established line to accommodate a balanced layout and then transpose this line to a comfortable width away from the starting wall (approximately 2' to 3' wide). Determine if the starter row will need to be cut. If not, it will be necessary to cut off the overhang adhesive tab, both along the full length of the plank and the end adhesive tab.
4. Position the first plank so that both the head and side seam bottom adhesive tab is exposed. This requires installing the product from left to right in the room.
5. Install two planks in the first row, positioned approximately 1/8" from the wall. Then cut a plank to length to start the second row, stagger the end seam at least 6" from the first plank.
6. Align the top adhesive tab over the exposed bottom adhesive tab of the first plank in the first row and bring the decorative faces tightly together before engaging the adhesive tabs.
7. Install the second plank in the second row in the same manner.
8. Work across the length of the room installing planks along the wall in the first tow and then aligning the planks in the second row. It is critical to keep these two rows straight and square, as they are the "foundation" for the rest of the installation. Check squareness and straightness often.
9. If a plank is misaligned during installation, carefully pull up to release the adhesive bond on the tabs, reposition and re-engage the adhesive tabs. The longer the adhesive tabs are in contact, the more difficult it will be to separate them.
10. Once proper plank alignment is assured, the adhesive tabs should be rolled with either a hand seam roller or a three section floor roller to insure full and permanent contact of the adhesive tabs.
11. Cut the last plank in the first row to fit approximately 1/8" short of the end wall. Planks may be cut with a utility knife using the "score and snap" technique. Oftentimes the remained of this plank may be used to start the third row.
12. Continue installing planks, being certain to maintain a random appearance and offset end seams by at least 6".
13. When fitting around obstacles or into irregular spaces, Mannington LOCnGO can be cut easily and cleanly using a utility knife with a sharp blade. It is often beneficial to make a cardboard template of the area and transfer this pattern to the plank.
14. Protect all exposed edges of the LOCnGO by installing wall molding and/or transition strips. Use caution to prevent the fasteners from securing the planks to the subfloor.
Plank Replacement
If a plank becomes damaged, the following replacement procedure should be used:
  • Using a straight edge and sharp utility knife, cut out and remove about a 2" strip of the center of the plank. This will allow you to determine the location of the top and bottom adhesive strips of the damaged plank.
  • Position a straight edge along the side seam on the bottom adhesive tab of the damaged plank and cut through the plank. This will leave the adhesive tab of the damaged plank in place, under the adjoining plank.
  • Use a heat gun to help release the adhesive and slowly and carefully peel away top adhesive tab of the damaged plank from the adjoining plank.
  • Insert a 2" putty knife under the adjoining plank to remove the bottom adhesive tab of the damaged piece. Once a corner is loosened, the tab can be folded under and peeled away.
  • Slip a sheet of waxed paper under the adjoining plank(s), slip the bottom adhesive tab of the replacement plank under the waxed paper and position the top adhesive tab in place.
  • Carefully remove the waxed paper to allow adhesive contact on the replacement plank and the adjoining plank(s).
  • Roll the adhesive tabs with a hand roller assure good bond.
Adura Warranties and Floor Care
Effective as of April 03, 2006
  • Keep traffic light during the first 24 hours so adhesive can dry properly.
  • Avoid scrubbing or washing the floor for 48 hours after installation. Spot clean the floor, avoiding all seams. Clean any adhesive residue with a clean, white cloth dampened with mineral spirits.*
CAUTION: *Mineral spirits are flammable liquids. Please follow precautions listed on the container.
Mannington warrants that your ADURA™ Luxury Floor will be free from manufacturing defects and, for a period of 5 years following the date of purchase, under light commercial use*, will not discolor from mold, mildew or alkali.
Correctly constructed wood underfloors are not subject to moisture transmission. The light commercial moisture warranty applies only to floors installed directly on concrete subfloors. Mold and mildew growth caused by excessive moisture as a result of flooding, plumbing and appliance leaks, and water leakage through sliding glass doors is not covered.
*Light commercial use means use in environments which do not have heavy commercial traffic, including art galleries, banks, bookstores, boutiques, coffee shops, dry cleaners, gift shops, hotel rooms, jewelry stores, professional offices (i.e. accountants, lawyers, physicians, dentists and optometrists), photography studios, styling salons and waiting rooms.
Mannington warrants that your ADURA™ Luxury Floor will be free from manufacturing defects and, for a period of years (indicated below) following the date of purchase, under normal household conditions*, will not: Wear out - Fade - Stain - Delaminate.
Adura 20 Years
Adura Aspects 15 Years
Adura Viewpoint 15 Years
Homestead 15 Years
*Normal household conditions means those daily activities commonly associated with residential use.
If you ADURA™ Luxury Floor fails to perform as stated in the applicable Limited Warranty, Mannington will, at its option, (i) repair without charge the affected area to conform to the warranty; or (ii) replace the floor without charge with another floor of equal value and/or quality. If your floor was installed by a professional flooring contractor hired by you, Mannington will also pay for the professional labor cost to install your replacement floor. If Mannington repairs or replaces a panel as a result of a warranty claim, you will be required to clear, at your expense, any items placed over the affected area subsequent to the original installation.
Warranty coverage for a replacement panel will be limited to the remaining time of the original warranty.
Contact your retailer and describe the problem. In many cases, your retailer can provide you with a solution to correct the situation.
If you need additional assistance or wish to file a claim, simply call Mannington Customer Care at
1-800-FLOOR-US (1-800-356-6787). Proof or purchase (store receipt) is necessary to verify all warranty claims. Our representatives will provide you with helpful information to address your concern or walk you through the easy steps necessary to file a claim. We will make every effort to ensure that your claim is processed quickly and fairly.
You may also write to us at:
Mannington Mills, Inc.
Attn: Customer Care
P.O. Box 30
Salem, NJ 08079
E-mail: service@mannignton.com
For your reference, fill in the following information and keep this sheet handy:
Pattern Number:
Purchase Date:
Retailer where you purchased your Mannington ADURA™ Luxury Floor:
Store Name:
Store Phone Number:

  • Mannington limited warranty protection applies to floors purchased on or after April 3, 2006. Proof of purchase is necessary to verify all warranty claims.
  • The Limited Warranties do not apply to "seconds" or "off-goods" grade products.
  • The Limited Warranties apply only to the original purchaser and the original installation site, and are not transferable.
  • The Limited Warranties do not cover conditions or defects caused by improper installation, the use of improper adhesives or seam sealers, inadequate sub-flooring or improper sub-floor preparation as referred to in our Professional Installation Guide.
  • The Limited Warranties do not cover construction related damage.
  • The Limited Warranties do not cover conditions caused by improper use or maintenance, such as:
    • Loss of gloss or build-up dulling film due to lack of maintenance or improper maintenance.
    • Damage resulting from failure to follow floor care instructions.
    • Scuffs, scratches, cuts, staining from rubber-backed mats, or damages or discoloration from carpet dyes, fertilizer or other chemicals.
    • Damage caused by burns, flooding, fires and other accidents.
    • Damage caused by abuse (i.e. dragging heavy or sharp objects across the floor without proper protection).
    • Damage caused by caster wheels or vacuum cleaner beater bars.
  • The Limited Warranties do not cover discoloration from heat or sunlight.
  • For purposes of the Limited Warranty for Residential Use, "wear through" means complete loss of the Mannington wear layer so that the printed pattern or design of the floor is altered.
  • The Limited Warranties do not cover variations of color, shade or texture of the floor you purchase from those shown on samples or photographs.
NOTE: Some states or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
NOTE: Some states and provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state in the U.S. or province to province in Canada.
Issues concerning mold and mildew are gaining increased attention from both the residential and commercial property owners, as well as the public at large. In virtually all situation, if there is a mold issue, there is an excessive moisture issue. In order to prevent, control, or remediate mold and mildew, one must first identify, evaluate and eliminate the source of excessive moisture.
Prior to removing an existing floor following the FRCI Recommended Work Practices for Removal of Resilient Coverings (unless state or local law requires other measures) or installing a new floor, if there are visible indications of mold or mildew or the presence of a strong musty odor in the area where the flooring is to be removed or installed, the source of the problem should be identified and corrected before proceeding with the flooring work. Visible signs of mold or mildew, such as discoloration, can indicate the presence of mold or mildew on the subfloor, on the underlayment, on the back of the flooring and sometimes on the floor surface. If mold or mildew is discovered during the removal or installation of flooring, all flooring work should stop until the mold or mildew problem (and any related moisture problem) has been addressed.
Before installing the new flooring, make sure the underlayment and/or subfloor is allowed to thoroughly dry and that any residual effect of excessive moisture, mold or structural damage has been corrected.
To deal with mold and mildew issues, you should refer to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines that address mold and mildew. Depending on the mold or mildew condition present, those remediation options range from cleanup measures using gloves and biocide to hiring a professional mold and mildew remediation contractor to address the condition. ADURA™ Luxury Flooring, because it is relatively nonporous, allows any mold or mildew on the flooring surfaces to be easily cleaned. Remediation measure may require structural repairs such as replacing underlayment and/or subfloor contaminated with mold or mildew as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture.
The EPA mold guidelines are contained in two publications: "A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home" (EPA 402-K-02-003) and "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings" (EPA 402-K-01-001). Appendix B of the "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings" publication describes potential health effects from exposure to mold, such as allergic and asthma reactions and irritation to eyes, skin, nose and throat. These publications can be located on the EPA's website at www.epa.gov/iaq/molds.
  • Use doormats outside each entrance to your home to prevent dirt, sand, grit and other substances such as oil, asphalt, and driveway sealer from being tracked onto your floor. Use non-staining mats on your floor. DO NOT PUT RUBBER-BACKED, LATEX-BACKED OR COCO FIBER MATS ON YOUR FLOOR because they will stain or damage the surface.
  • To minimize potential staining from asphalt tracking, we suggest you use latex-based driveway sealer on your driveway.
  • Close your curtains or blinds where extreme sunlight hits the floor. A combination of heat and sunlight causes most home furnishings to fade or discolor.
  • Support furniture with wide-bearing, non-staining floor protectors. The protectors should be at least one inch in diameter, made of non-pigmented hard plastic, and rest flat on the floor. Non-staining felt protectors are also acceptable. Casters with a minimum 3/4" flat surface width or floor protectors are recommended for all movable furniture. Make sure any metal protectors are rust-proof. Replace your narrow dome furniture rests with wide-bearing ones.
  • If you need to move heavy furniture and/or appliances across the floor, always use strips of wood or hardboard runways to protect the floor. Always use runways even if you have an appliance dolly, or even if the heavy objects are equipped with wheels or rollers.
  • Sweep your floor regularly (at least once per week).
  • Prevent stains by wiping up spills immediately.
  • Occasional mopping with Mannington Award Series® Rinse-Free Cleaner is recommended when dirt builds up and sweeping alone is not sufficient. Use a solution of 2 to 3 capfuls of Award Series® Cleaner (or clear, non-sudsy ammonia) in one gallon of warm water. Use of more than the recommended amount of cleaning solution may leave a dulling film. Rinsing is not required when using Mannington Award Series® Rinse-Free Cleaner, but if time permits, rinsing will provide the best care.
  • ADURA™ Luxury Floors are low-gloss floors; use polish or "mop and shine" products only if you wish to make the floor shiny.
  • After several applications of polish for a high-shine floor, an occasional stripping and reapplication of polish may be necessary. We recommend the use of Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Stripper and Cleaner. After thorough cleaning, rinsing and drying, we recommend applying Mannington Award Series® High-Gloss Polish to restore the shine. Do not use wax. Do not buff. High traffic areas may require more than one application of polish. Allow polish to dry "tack-free" between coats.
For complete instructions regarding the proper use of Mannington Floor care products, refer to the package labels.
Caution: ADURA™ Luxury Floors can be slippery when they become wet. Use extreme caution when walking on a wet floor.
The overall stain resistance of our Mannington ADURA™ Luxury Floors is excellent and most spills will wipe off quickly and easily with a clean, white cloth. Removing certain substances may take a little extra effort, as outlined below.
Stain Problem
Food, Beverages
If a substance is gummy, scrape off with dull knife. Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush. Saturate a clean, white cloth with bleach* solution, cover stain and allow to stand for no more than 1 hour.
Tar, Oil, Asphalt, Grease, Wax, Paint (Oil Based)
Scrape excess substance off with dull knife. Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush.
Scuffs, Marks, Scratches
Wipe with a clean, white cloth dampened with lighter fluid, painter's naphtha or isopropyl alcohol.**
Minor Cuts, Burns
Limit traffic over damaged area, cover with masking tape, contact your retailer or Mannington for advice.
Lipstick, Antiseptics
Scrape excess off with dull knife. Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush. Wipe with a clean, white cloth dampened with lighter fluid, painter's naphtha or isopropyl alcohol.** Saturate a clean, white cloth with bleach* solution, cover stain and allow to stand for no more than 1 hour.
Crayon, Ink, Hair Dye, Permanent Marker
Clean using Mannington Award Series® Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper and a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush. Wipe with a clean, white cloth dampened with lighter fluid, painter's naphtha or isopropyl alcohol.**
CAUTION: *Please follow precautions listed on the container.
**Lighter fluid, painter's naphtha and isopropyl alcohol are flammable.
Please follow precautions listed on the container.
For items not covered by the chart, call Mannington Customer Care at 1-800-FLOOR-US