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Efloors Featured Luxury Vinyl Tile

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl is quickly emerging in today's flooring industry as one of the most popular choices for floor covering. Vinyl flooring is sometimes referred to as “resilient” flooring. Resilience refers to the floor’s elasticity or ability to return to its original form after weigh is applied.

Resilience is no longer the only reason to purchase vinyl. New technology has allowed for high resolution images and more appealing textures. From beautiful, weathered stones and slate looks to rich, hand-scraped hardwoods, luxury vinyl floors offer unlimited options.

Features & Benefits of Luxury Vinyl

  • Versatile
    Can be installed above, on or below grade over concrete or suspended wood.
  • 100% Water Resistant
    Luxury Vinyl Tile is one of the best solutions for bathrooms, mud rooms and kitchens.
  • Warmth
    Proven to be significantly warmer than natural stone floors. No more tiptoeing around the room!
  • Comfort
    Softness and resiliency underfoot compared to ceramic or hardwood.

Vinyl Construction

Luxury Vinyl is constructed by laying various materials made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) onto a backing material. Once this process is complete, the product undergoes a binding technique under intense heat and pressure.

  • Wear Layer
    Similar to laminate flooring, the top layer of Luxury Vinyl is referred to as the wear layer. Generally, the thicker the wear layer, the more resistant the floor will be against wear and tear. The “type” of wear layer also impacts wear performance.
    • Urethane Wear Layer: A polyvinyl chloride that is more stain and scuff resistant than standard Vinyl No-Wax floors.
    • Advanced Urethane w/ Aluminum Oxide: A more advanced form of urethane, typically impregnated with aluminum oxide to increase durability and resistance to staining and scratching. Aluminum oxide is the second hardest element after diamonds.
  • Décor Layer
    The design and color of vinyl flooring is created through a high resolution image that is printed onto the vinyl surface. Luxury Vinyl is sometimes textured offering a much more realistic look and feel.
  • Core
    The core of vinyl flooring is made from vinyl, not fiberboard - as with laminate, providing superior moisture resistance and a softer underfoot floor.

Vinyl Installation

Vinyl flooring is incredibly versatile allowing you to install the product almost anywhere in your home.

  • Full Spread
    The most common vinyl installation method. A water-based, non-toxic adhesive is used to affix the vinyl to the subfloor. The vinyl flooring is then laid into the adhesive and rolled – pushing out all bubbles and securely adhering the vinyl to the subfloor. Note: Most Luxury Vinyl Tile can be installed with or without grout. Simply select the look you like best.
  • Float
    A floating installation method requires no messy adhesives. Each floating plank connects to the next without having to install a separate underlayment. Just peel, position and press.


  • Tile
    Luxury Vinyl Tile provides the look and feel of a ceramic tile floor with the ease of maintenance and carefree qualities of a vinyl.
  • Plank
    Luxury Vinyl Plank offers the warmth and richness of a hardwood in areas that traditionally have been off limits for wood and laminate products.

If you haven't explored vinyl flooring in a while, we encourage you to browse our selection. You will be amazed by the new, exciting vinyl floor offerings available on