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Five Things To Know Before You Buy Your Laminate Floor

Selecting a laminate floor you'll love is just the first step. To make sure you get the finished product of your dreams, here are five simple things to keep in mind when purchasing your laminate floor:

  1. Underlayment: To get the best performance, it's a smart idea to put down an underlayment before installing your new laminate flooring. Very few laminate floors come with a built-in underlayment, so in most cases you will need to purchase an underlayment separately (learn more about laminate flooring underlayment).
  2. Moldings and trim: The right moldings and trim will give your laminate flooring a finished, professional look. There are different moldings for every flooring situation; it may be that the room in which your laminate floor is going is connected to a room with carpet or tile, or even a staircase. Whatever the situation, you'll find the transition strip that matches your needs at the bottom of each product page. Check out: Proper trims and moldings for your laminate flooring.
  3. Installation: Whether you are installing it yourself or hiring an experienced contractor, the appearance of your finished laminate floor will always depend on how well the installation was done. We strongly recommend downloading your manufacturer's installation instructions for the specific laminate floor you've bought. It's important to get these exact guidelines, because procedures may differ among manufacturers. Every product page has a tab showing the appropriate installation instructions for your laminate flooring.
  4. Cleaning, care and maintenance: Laminate flooring is really practical and very easy to keep up and maintain. Regular cleaning and care are all that's needed to maintain a "like-new" appearance. Keep in mind that most warranties require that your laminate floor be properly maintained. Get the details: Your laminate floor: care and maintenance has never been easier.
  5. Warranty: On every product page, you will find a tab showing the manufacturer's warranty for that laminate flooring. Unlike other online stores, when you buy from you'll get the manufacturer's regular warranty, the same one as you'd get from any other retailer offering the same laminate floor. And if you ever have a question or a problem with your laminate flooring, always contact us first.


We hope this has been a helpful overview of the basics of purchasing a laminate floor. When you know what's involved with your purchase, you can save a lot of money and avoid making an unhappy mistake.

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