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Lynette E., Minnesota

Beautiful Floors. Environmentally Sound.
Healthy Living.

Welcome to EcoTimber - Where beautiful flooring, quality and durability go hand in hand with the perfect price. Offering much more than beautiful hardwood and bamboo flooring, EcoTimber is a leading supplier of high quality wood products produced from FSC-certified sustainable forest management.

The company’s devotion to bringing positive change to sustainable forest practices through exclusive forest protection has earned EcoTimber numerous Forest Stewardship Council accreditations.

"You can trust that an EcoTimber floor, no matter which you choose,
meets the very highest environmental standards."
– EcoTimber Flooring

Choosing an EcoTimber floor does not mean sacrificing beauty or durability. EcoTimber offers a wide range of beautiful domestic hardwood and bamboo flooring while remaining committed to providing high quality, healthy products that are free from toxic materials.

Features & Benefits of EcoTimber

  • Ease of Installation
    Save time and money with EcoTimber’s precision fold-down locking system. Simply nail, glue or float!
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Beautiful floors combined with enough durability to stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear.
  • Aluminum Oxide Finish
    UV-cured acrylic urethane finish with enhanced aluminum oxide scratch resistant top-coat.
  • Genuinely Green
    Thoroughly researching all of their sources, EcoTimber maintains the highest standards in choosing genuinely eco-friendly products.

EcoTimber Collections

EcoPlanet Hardwood Flooring

Carbon Friendly & Contemporary.

The EcoPlanet collection offers 100% FSC-Certified and formaldehyde free birch, hickory and hard maple providing a sleek, modern look.


Award Winning Floors.

Available in solid traditional colors as well as woven and dyed choices, you will find that EcoTimber offers one of the best bamboo collections in the industry. EcoBamboo Woven Honey WBH061 earned Consumer Report’s Best Buy Award after proven to be the most scratch, stain and dent resistant when tested among 8 competitors.

Compare EcoBamboo to the Competition

EcoTimber Competitors
  • Raw material dried to 7% moisture content before pressing, minimizing moisture trapped inside the pressed beam
  • Raw material dried to 8-20%, trapping moisture inside the pressed beam
  • No wood fillers required as material is shredded and compressed into a solid block with no voids
  • Bamboo strands are crushed together, requiring wood fillers to fill the voids.
  • Pressed beams are dried to 7% moisture content again through special proprietary drying technique prior to sawing
  • Beams are not thoroughly re-dried after pressing
  • Sawn planks are kept at 7% moisture content throughout milling, finishing and packaging
  • Sawn planks dried to 8-16% moisture content. Humidity not controlled during milling, finishing and packaging
  • Finish by Bona of Sweden formulated specifically for strand-woven Bamboo provides enhanced flexibility and adhesion
  • Brittle finishes show white scratches due to extreme hardness of material, and don’t adhere well to strand-woven resin